5 Most Important Steps to a Successful Bathroom Renovation

25 June 2021

Bathroom renovations are major home remodelling projects. Every homeowner has their idea of the perfect bath makeover, and selecting the best design and decor are essential. Bathroom colour schemes are also important, especially since you want to please all of the members of your household.

Unless you are renovating the children’s bath or one that is mainly used by the adults, you want to select colours that everyone likes. Of course, bright, vibrant hues are popular for kids’ bathroom decor. However, the adults in your home most likely favour slightly more subtle yet attractive, appealing colour variations and combinations.

Five Most Important Steps to a Stylish and Successful Bathroom Renovation

The five essential steps to achieving a stylish and successful bathroom renovation include the following:

  1. Good Design and Layout. Before any work begins, you need an attractive, functional, well-designed renovating plan. You also need a sensible and workable layout for the placement of all fixtures and furnishings for your bath update.

If you are working with a renovating team that includes a designer, you can count on having an excellent layout with drawings or 3D digital mock-ups. If your project is a fairly simple DIY update, you may not need a professional design or layout. Yet it can be helpful to consult a designer before the start of your project.

  1. Practical Budget. Make sure that you have a complete and practical budget for your bath renovations project. You should also have a sensible and accurate timeline for the work to be done. Of course, there will undoubtedly be changes and additions to your budget as the work progresses.

Yet if you start with a comprehensive, reasonable and practical budget for the job, you can stay better organised and spend less money throughout the renovations than you would otherwise.

  1. High-Quality Materials. Ensure that the quality of the building materials that you purchase for bath renovations is excellent. Regardless of how stunning and appealing your colour scheme and layout are, unless you use excellent quality building materials, you cannot expect the finished job to be top calibre.

Your renovating team can obtain the best materials for you, or if you are doing a DIY renovation, you can seek the advice of a leading building supply company in your locale concerning optimal quality materials.

  1. Pleasing Color Scheme. After deciding on the colour scheme for your bathroom makeover, choose your building materials carefully. Balance the use of each hue in the room with major colour areas accented by smaller pops of the same colour in other items of decor.

In this way, you can enjoy the full beauty and benefit of each colour and shade without overpowering the other hues and tones in your scheme. Choose appealing textures that complement your use of colour and your spatial placement of furnishings.

  1. Excellent DIY Skills or Renovating Team. Only undertake your bath renovations on your own if you have fine quality DIY skills and experience. When working on your own, have one or two other DIY experts on call in case you need their assistance. Especially if you are replacing bathroom fixtures and running additional water lines, you can most likely use the expert help of a renovating team.

When you contact our experts at New Life Bathrooms, you will receive excellent advice and bath renovating services. Our professional renovations team continues to service clients in the Southern Highlands, in South West Sydney and on Sydney’s Upper North Shore. They will ensure that your newly renovated bathroom completely satisfies all of your expectations, preferences and needs.