8 Space-Saving Design Tips for Your Bathroom Renovation Project

08 May 2023

Even in the best of circumstances, a bathroom renovation fora small bathroom can provide its own unique set of challenges. It’s been compared to trying to fit everything perfectly into the smallest amount of space when completing a large crossword problem.

A small bathroom renovation requires design skills. As bathroom renovation experts, let us reveal how to maximise the space of your bathroom with our five space-saving design tips for bathroom renovations.

  • Shower/Bath – The shower can be integrated over the bathtub for a shower/bath combo with a pivot screen when space is premium, but you still want to keep the bath. The popular wet room design can be right for you if you have extra length. A fixed glass panel on the other side of a freestanding bath next to the shower area creates the impression of an open space.
  • Storage – Finding locations that work for all of your body and beauty supplies can be challenging. Still, a shaving cabinet can relieve some of the pressure associated with the need for a huge vanity unit. Moreover, commonly used items can be stored in wall niches near the bathtub or in the shower, freeing up important vanity storage space.
  • Doorway – A frequently forgotten place where you can conserve important interior space is the doorway to your bathroom. There is much room to gain by eliminating the swinging door and installing a sliding door. Options for sliding doors include those with an interior cavity or an external track, like a barn door.
  • Towel Rail – A heated ladder towel rail may accommodate numerous towels if you are out of wall space. The heating makes sure that each one dries completely before use. Another choice is the towel rack over the bath’s end, which is convenient and saves important wall space.
  • Laundry hamper/basket – In an ideal world, everybody would have a laundry room for dirty laundry. A built-in vanity unit hamper is the next best thing. Family members can keep the laundry hidden by using a drawer that opens to reveal the laundry basket.
  • Floating Vanities – One of the most popular bathroom renovation design trends for 2023 is floating vanities. It not only makes your bathroom appear bigger but also makes more place under the vanity for additional storage.
  • Vanities With Shelving – Get a vanity with a shelf so you can keep towels or even a basket of toilet paper on it.
  • Forget the Shower Door – A shower door appears necessary, right? Wrong. Instead of installing a door, single-glass panel showers are becoming more common in bathrooms. This allows for more elbow room when taking a shower and opening the bathroom door while yet keeping most of the water in.

Your room’s length and width will determine how much space-saving you need. If you need help with how to begin renovating your bathroom. Don’t worry. We got you. Whether the space is large or small, our bathroom renovation experts at New Life Bathrooms will help you design a fantastic bathroom. Our team of professionals can collaborate with you to ensure you get the most out of your small bathroom space. We would gladly answer all your questions if you’re looking for a contemporary bathroom design at an affordable price.