A Helpful Guide in Picking the Right High-Quality Materials for Your Next Bathroom Renovation

04 November 2021

When planning your next home bathroom renovation, it is important to select the best high-quality materials. By spending more on top-calibre building supplies and accessories initially, you can enjoy cost savings throughout your remodelling project. You will also benefit from the long-term use and enjoyment of your new bath interior.

If you have a limited renovating budget, your contractor, construction team and interior designer can help you decide where to cut corners. They can advise you about when to spend more and when you can conserve and spend less. These experienced professionals can also locate quality discount supply sources for obtaining good building materials.

Helpful Guidance for Choosing the Right High-Calibre Bathroom Renovation Materials

A helpful guide for selecting the ideal high-quality building materials for your next bathroom renovation project includes the following tips:


  • Stone Tiling and Wall Panels. By selecting good-quality discounted marble or granite tiles and wall panels for your bathroom makeover, you can save money. You can also choose attractive and non-porous engineered stone like Caesarstone or travertine to cut back on spending on building materials. Either way, your renovating team can create a stunning, luxurious bath interior without overspending.


  • Repurposed Wood Cabinets and Vanity Console. If you use repurposed wood for your new bathroom wall cabinets and vanity console, you can enjoy significant savings. The prominent surface grains and colour variations of this older wood can lend a pleasing sense of rustic charm to your bath interior. In addition, older wood can complement and enhance many different modes of decor, from ultra-modern to classic-traditional.


  • Discounted Fixtures and Hardware. By deciding to install discounted bathroom fixtures and hardware in your new bathroom interior, you can stay within your renovating budget. There are reputable discount fixture supply outlets that offer top-quality, stylish sinks, bathtubs, shower stalls and toilets along with attractive and durable tapware. These items will last for long-term use while giving your bath an upscale, quality appearance.


  • Vintage Bathroom Skylight. If you decide on the installation of a vintage skylight for your upgraded bathroom design, you can add a pleasing essence of timeless elegance to the room. At the same time, you can enjoy enhanced ventilation for your bathroom and save on energy bills during the hot-weather months.


With cool, fresh breezes entering the interior from your open skylight, you can save on air conditioning costs for the room. You will also keep mould and mildew from developing as hot, steamy moist air rises toward the ceiling and exits your bath through the open skylight. In addition, you will need less artificial lighting during the day with bright natural light entering the room through your skylight.

When you engage the expert services of our team at New Life Bathrooms, you can enjoy the results of an optimal-quality bathroom renovation. Our experienced professionals serve clients throughout the Southern Highlands, South West Sydney and Sydney’s Upper North Shore.

Our superior team will ensure that your next bathroom renovation completely satisfies and even surpasses all of your desires, expectations and needs.