Bathroom Remodel and Renovation: Why a DIY Job is a Big “No”?

11 March 2021

If you are considering beginning a DIY project for bathroom remodelling or renovations in your home, your best bet is to rethink your plans. If you ask the best professional bath builders and renovators in your area whether this is a good idea, they will undoubtedly answer your question with a Big “No.” If you did not already know these experts and respect their top-rated work and outstanding reputation, you might be tempted to dispute this advice. Yet since you know and trust their opinion, it will be to your definite advantage to heed this warning.

Major Mistakes Commonly Made by Homeowners Performing DIY Bathroom Renovations

If you consult expert bathroom builders and renovators like our experienced professionals at New Life Bathrooms providing services to the South West and Southern Highlands regions, they will warn you about the most common DIY bath renovating mistakes. These mishaps and miscalculations include the following:

1. Starting Without a Clear, Concise Work Plan. Before removing a single tile or item of tapware in your bathroom, make sure that you have a definite, clear and concise work plan for your renovating project. Your plan should include exact room and fixture measurements, all materials needed and a careful cost estimate for completing renovations. If a friend or family member is helping with your project, make sure that both of you fully understand your plan and how to best accomplish it.

2. Ignoring Spatial Restrictions. During the planning stages of your remodelling project, take time to consider any spatial restrictions of your bathroom layout. If there is room for only a pedestal sink rather than a large vanity console, refrain from attempting to squeeze in the vanity. Even if you find that by moving shelving to another wall or relocating a built-in bench you can manage to install the vanity, take time to realize just how much space it requires. If anyone using the bath must turn sideways to get past the vanity as they enter the room, you will only inconvenience one and all by including it in your bathroom update.

3. Attempting to Relocate Plumbing Pipes or Electrical Wiring. Making an attempt to move existing plumbing pipes or electrical wiring located in your bathroom is dangerous and foolish. While trying to make these changes, you might injure yourself or your co-worker and damage major connections for pipes and wires. It is always best to hire the services of a licensed plumber and electrician for performing these major renovating tasks.

4. Using the Wrong Materials. Unless you have some previous experience with bathroom renovating, you may choose low-grade floor tiles or inferior bath fixtures. You may also have difficulty installing fixtures securely, which can lead to serious water leaks. You may also select a grade of wall paint that can streak and peel when exposed to excess moisture. These issues and many others should be addressed when shopping for the best bath remodelling supplies.

5. Overspending Your Budget. One of the easiest mistakes to make when remodelling your bathroom is to overspend your budget before you even begin work. You may purchase more costly tiles, fixtures, tapware and wood panelling than you need for creating an attractive, practical new bath interior. Always get good advice concerning purchasing your building materials in the planning stages of your project. This is especially important since you will most likely need to cover additional unexpected costs before the completion of your renovations.