Bathroom Remodelling Ideas that Will Help Improve Accessibility

19 August 2019

If someone in your household has limited mobility, bathroom access and safety are major issues to be resolved to prevent falls and injuries. Other reasons for the need to enhance accessibility for your bath may include unsafe placement of a furnishing like the jutting corner of a marble vanity counter-top in close proximity to the door.

Your bathroom entrance may have a prominent stone threshold that not only makes access very difficult for anyone in a wheelchair, but can result in trips and falls by youngsters, older people or anyone who may enter or exit the room quickly.  If these or other problematic issues are present in your bath, there are many ways to resolve these issues with simple renovations.

Innovative Remodelling Ideas for Better Bathroom Accessibility in Your Home

Helpful, innovative remodelling ideas for ensuring better accessibility and safety in your bathroom include the following:

• Shower Updates and Enhancements. If you decide on a complete shower makeover, you can have it converted to a convenient roll-in shower. This style of shower has a wide entrance and no threshold, making wheelchair access easy. With the addition of a small stool or lightweight seat, users can enjoy seated bathing without the need for remodelling your entire shower. For maximum comfort during seated showering, installing a handheld shower-head is recommended, and a connecting hose equalling 60 inches or more in length offers ideal ease and flexibility for showering.

• Walk-in Tub and Accessories. When you install a top-rated walk-in tub in your bathroom, this fashionable furnishing will enhance the accessibility of your bath even more. Offering non-slip flooring, easily operated doors and safe, comfortable seating, this contemporary tub design enables anyone with limited or challenged mobility to bathe in ultimate style and safety.

• Safe Bathroom Furnishings. Adding new bath furnishings that provide and promote safety are advisable. In a small bathroom, replacing any large items like console vanities that have sharp edges or corners with smaller, more streamlined furnishings such as modern pedestal basins or compact vanities with rounded edges can be a good safety measure. Walls in your bath’s shower, tub and toilet areas should be equipped with designer safety bars for improved accessibility and safety. Your updated bathroom should have adequate lighting in all areas to avoid slips and falls caused by poor visibility.

When you consult our experts at New Life Bathrooms serving the Southern Highlands and South West Sydney as well as Sydney’s Upper North Shore, you will receive excellent advice, designs and full bathroom remodelling services. Our highly skilled and experienced professionals will work closely with you to ensure that your bathroom renovation completely satisfies and even surpasses all of you needs and expectations for greatly improved accessibility and safety.