Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Make the Most of Small Spaces

05 August 2019

If you are planning to renovate a small bathroom in your home, there are various ways to achieve a stylish, pleasing interior update that makes the room seem larger and more open. Just because your bath is small in terms of its dimensions, there is no excuse for it to have dull, boring or outdated furnishings and decor.

You can select new fixtures, flooring and wall coverings that give the room a more expansive look while complementing its major features, shape, and size. Remember that light, airy wall and flooring colours and counter-tops will brighten your small bathroom, and hanging mirrors will also add reflected light. For the attractive rays and glow of healthy light from outdoors, your renovations team may be able to install an attractive skylight.

Small Bathroom Renovating Ideas and Plans to Complement and Enhance the Room Interior

Ideas and tips for renovating your small bath in ways that complement and enhance its interior include the following:

• Bathtub and Shower. If your small bathroom seems to be the general size of a medium-wide hall or walkway, it may be best to forget about a new bathtub and opt for the luxury of a new custom rain-forest shower design. Unless there are small children in your household, a fashionable new shower will most likely be sufficient for bathing in this small interior. Keep in mind that a customised shower can be designed to comply with most any room’s spatial requirements, large or small.

• Cabinets. Even in a very small space, you have multiple choices for cabinetry designs. A small, sleek vanity with drawers in place of hinged doors will save the loss of floor space from your doors swinging open and closed. Additional space for frequently used soaps, lotions and other toiletries can be supplied by a stylish medicine cabinet, slender and shallow wall-mounted cabinets and smooth toilet tops.

• Toilet.
Some modern toilet designs are more streamlined than others. If your small bath layout has very limited installation space for new fixtures, you may decide to select a slender, oblong toilet rather than a traditional round-shaped design.

• Storage. Arranging for storage space in a small bathroom makeover can be problematic. However, this problem can be resolved by using the space between the room’s wall studs. In this area, your renovating team may be able to create a storage niche or bin between these studs. If there are no electrical wires or water pipes in this area, your problem should be solved. There may also be room to install narrow shelving above or next to your toilet, including a few shelves or a floor-to-ceiling installation if suitable for the space. Open shelves and tall shelving or cabinets will also visually enlarge the room.

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