Bathroom Renovations: Make Your Bathroom Slip-Proof with These Simple Tips

28 July 2022

The shower base and the bathtub are two sections in the bathroom that should not be walked on barefoot since they both have surfaces that are prone to slipping, especially when they have a build-up of water. You can, thankfully, make your bathroom a more accident-free and secure space by making some savvy design choices and doing some fundamental upgrades.

Why Prefer Anti-Slip Flooring?

It is a good idea to instal anti-slip floors, which produce greater friction and offer your feet a better hold so that you can avoid potentially dangerous falls. Those individuals who have a preference for natural materials would do well to consider purchasing the pebbled tiles seen in this photograph. The warm tones of the slate wall and the sink floor area are picked up by the tannish floor, which then accentuates those tones. Pebbled tiles have a high aesthetic quotient and are naturally slip-resistant, so you can safely do those twirls in the shower without worrying about falling.

Set up a Separate Area for the Bathtub and Shower

Falls can be minimised by utilising glass balustrades or cubicles to divide your shower or tub. Water can’t get past the glass into the remainder of the bathroom because of this. Make it easier to get out of the house by installing a wooden seat where you can relax and dry your feet before stepping out. The shower area is separated from the rest of the room by a curving wall in this stone-clad bathroom. The contrast between the black wall and the soft pastel colours on the floor is highlighted by the contrasting hues. As a result, the opposite side is protected against water ingress. Additionally, water-friendly stone requires little to no upkeep.

Using Curbs Establishes Boundary

The shower, the sink, and the toilet are all in one open space in the majority of Australian bathrooms. In the event of a shower, the whole floor of the bathroom is left wet. To keep water from dripping all over the bathroom, you need to instal curbs around the shower. Curb barriers have been erected in this bathroom to prevent the restroom from becoming slippery, as well as to delineate different areas. Glass separates the shower and tub, but a marble kerb adds an extra layer of security. Segregation is further enhanced by the addition of a kerb around the toilet area. The seclusion is enhanced by the high construction. In addition to creating a visual barrier between the shower area and the remainder of the bathroom, contrasting colour curbs also enhance the bathroom’s aesthetic appeal. This design features a black kerb that contrasts with the wood-coloured tiling. No matter how much water is spilt or overflowed here, the bathroom floor will not become soggy since there is no glass door to keep it from becoming wet.

Put in a Set of Grip Bars or Handles

Having something to hold on to when navigating a damp restroom floor is helpful. A well-placed bar or handle may make or break a project. Showers and tubs, which are particularly prone to accidents, should have strong fixtures installed. A well-placed handle also helps you raise yourself. The towel handle doubles as a grab hold in this bathroom.

Set Up Non-skid Washroom Mats

In addition to being incredibly practical, bathroom mats are also aesthetically pleasing. The bathtub and the sink, two of the most water-prone spots in the bathroom, are strategically marked with mats in this photo. Rubber suction is hidden behind a velvety surface, making the mat non-slip. Its ability to absorb water makes it ideal for removing excess water from the floor. It’s also a great place to dry your hair!

Drainage Has to Be Properly Maintained

Allowing water to drain away from an area by using sloping is part of the bathroom design process If you’d want to do rid of your usual round or square drain holes and have something that contrasts well with your dark floor, then this modern, extended drain made of premium-quality steel is a great option.

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