Complete your Bathroom Renovation with the Perfect Vanity (Know How to Choose the Right One)

29 April 2021

After finishing the major aspects of your home bathroom renovation, you can enjoy selecting your ideal vanity brand and design. This last yet major updating step will put the final touches of fashion and flair on your new bath interior. Take time to consider the overall style and character of the newly remodelled room as you consider different vanity designs and features.

Yet remember that the vanity can introduce a different era or style to the major fashion statement of your updated room decor. You can have fun adding a touch of luxurious classical or playful boho style to this room with your new vanity design and accessories.

Completing Your Bathroom Renovation with Your Perfect Vanity Design

When selecting your stylish new vanity model as the final step in your bathroom renovation, consider the following designs, features and options:

  • Classic Style Vanities. If you like traditional decor, think of enhancing your new bathroom interior with the elegant style of a classic pedestal sink with a wall-mounted vanity mirror and built-in cabinetry on either side. Especially if your bath is a small to moderate size room, this older, graceful vanity design will save floor space while adding classic luxury to the room decor.
  • Rustic Vanity Designs. If you decided on a boho style bathroom update, try introducing a rustic wooden frame vanity with an inset porcelain basin and vintage brass tapware. With spacious drawers and cabinets below and ceramic tile countertop designs surrounding the basin, you can add colour and natural style to your bath interior.
  • Shabby Chic Vanities. By choosing a somewhat worn yet ornate and fashionable shabby chic vanity design for your renovated bathroom, you can add the charming mystique of a bygone era to your new decor. Combining older and new design modes are all the rage today, and your bath is the perfect place to merge different eras and styles. The elegant china vanity basin encircled by pink, white and grey marble countertop makes nearly as strong a fashion statement as the vanity’s gold-finished lion’s feet legs.
  • Modern Minimalist Designs. Vanities designed in modern minimalist styles can add sleek lines and streamlined fashion to any mode of bathroom decor. Whether the surrounding furnishings and decor are of the same style or traditional, retro, country cottage or contemporary chic, your minimalist vanity will blend in perfectly. At the same time, its handsome charcoal, gold and grey granite counter and stainless steel frame make a visual statement of dress-down elegance.
  • Contemporary Connected Vanities. If you live the fast-paced life of a busy contemporary career builder, and others in your household favour the latest updated conveniences, a connected vanity is your perfect choice. With its built-in digital screen, charging stations, smartphone slot and built-in sound system, everyone should be well equipped to start each day in contemporary style.

By consulting our experts at New Life Bathrooms serving Sydney and all surrounding regions, you can receive excellent advice, design options and installation services for the perfect vanity style of your choice. Our experienced professionals will guide you in selecting the ideal new vanity to complement and enhance your stunning new bath interior.