Create an Eco-Friendly Bathroom with New Life Bathrooms Experts

20 January 2023

Many environmentally conscious home renovators are searching for more eco-friendly solutions when it comes to design and functionality in their bathrooms, as climate change is a hot topic in the news and water is seen as a valuable but diminishing resource. At New Life Bathrooms, we are constantly exploring methods to continue providing our clients exceptional service while doing everything we can to save the environment. So, for all you eco-conscious renovators out there, keep reading for our top advice for a more environmentally responsible bathroom renovation:

Water-Efficient Fixtures

Water waste is one of the leading causes of environmental pressure and the worst offender in the home. Shorter showers are usually a good idea, but fitting eco-fixtures to your shower head and taps is the easiest method to become water efficient. As a result, minimal water flow is possible without sacrificing pressure. A dual flush system is essential to help you conserve water, as the toilet uses more water than your shower or washing machine.

Make the Most of Natural Light

An intelligent method to reduce energy usage is to make the most of natural light. The best approach to allow more natural light into your bathroom is to remove the blinds and replace the clear windows with ones that are frosted for privacy. A skylight may be a clever method to add natural light bursts as well, depending on how much space you have. Another way to reflect natural light and make a room appear bright and spacious is to hang a huge mirror. Any lighting in your bathroom should be energy- and environmentally friendly. Ensure you know all things to consider when choosing your bathroom lighting.

Efficient-Heating System

Only an effective heating system makes it possible to maintain a clean, cosy bathroom. Ineffective methods can be expensive, both financially and environmentally. Make sure to spend money on infrared heat lamps because they’re a great long-term fix. Only the person drying off will be heated instantly by these heat lamps, not the entire bathroom.

Proper and Effective Ventilation

Your bathroom must have proper, efficient ventilation to remain environmentally friendly. In addition to being harmful, steam build-up will encourage the growth of mould and mildew, which can damage the paint and eat away at the grouting in your tile. It’s critical to ensure your air ventilation system is top-notch, to minimise the need for harsh cleaning agents. This will assist in eliminating steam and mould. If there isn’t a window in your bathroom that you can open, make sure to switch out a standard fan for one that has back draught flaps. When the exhaust fan is not in use, this enables your fan to close automatically, keeping warm air inside and lowering heating and cooling expenses.

Look no further than New Life Bathrooms for environmentally friendly bathroom renovations. Our skilled and committed team of experts is renowned for providing the most excellent bathroom designs and has more than 20 years of experience. We take pride in offering attentive, insightful guidance and knowledge. Contact us to learn more about how we can improve your bathroom.