Eco-Friendly Bathroom Design Tips

22 October 2019

With new eco-friendly products arriving constantly on the home building and renovations supply market, you can give your bathroom updating project a double meaning. While enhancing the fashion and practical conveniences of your home bathroom design, you can also benefit the natural environment by using green materials and procedures. Especially when you and your home design and renovating team use recyclable and biodegradable materials and energy-saving construction equipment, you will be actively supporting the local and global movements to preserve and improve our planet’s natural environment.

Innovative Eco-Friendly Bathroom Design Tips for Your Home Bath Update

The following helpful eco-friendly design tips for your home bathroom updating project can enhance your everyday life while benefiting the natural environment:

• Tapware and Fixtures. Water conservation is high on the list of major eco-bathroom practices today. With new sink and bathtub tapware installed, you will not be bothered by leaky faucets that waste valuable water. When you choose low-flow showerheads and toilets with soft-power flush mechanisms, you will use significantly less water in your home bathroom. If you have young children in your household, teach them about the importance of using only the amount of water needed when showering, washing their hands and brushing their teeth.

• Vanity and Basin. When shopping for the ideal vanity and basin for your bathroom makeover, consider choosing a repurposed sink or refurbished vintage vanity. The ceramic and natural timbers of these older items are often quite beautiful and durable. They will also lend character to your new bath design. If your carpenter also has talent for handcrafting wood, you may opt for transforming an antique console, table or low bureau into a bathroom vanity.

• Floors and Walls. With the use of recycled marble, quartz, porcelain or terrazzo tile, you and your home renovating specialist can create a stunning new bathroom floor. If you prefer, you may decide to use larger marble or concrete tiles for the floor and make use of smaller, more colourful ceramic, porcelain or terrazzo tiling for the walls. With elegant new flooring and walls along with your new bath fixtures and tapware, you will have all of the major elements of your charming new bathroom design and decor in place.

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