Expert Considerations Before Renovating Your Bathroom

24 October 2022

A clean, contemporary bathroom will draw in quality tenants and decrease the time between vacancies, but it may also be able to command a higher rent and eventually raise the value of your home.

The bathroom renovation in your rental house is not without its difficulties, though. Investors frequently underestimate the difficulties involved, unsure whether permissions are necessary, and fail to budget effectively. As a result, they wind up tying themselves up. However, things don’t have to be this way. The bathroom remodelling team at New Life Bathrooms believes that thorough planning and preparation are crucial for keeping your project on schedule and within your budget.

Check if You Need to Seek Approval From the Strata Committee

Before beginning any work, you might need permission from the owners’ corporation or strata committee if you reside in a property subject to a strata scheme. Whether you require approval depends on the renovation work you’re considering. Due to the re-tiling and waterproofing required, bathroom renovations typically require Owners Corporation or strata committee clearance. Cosmetic improvements, such as painting the interior or adding hooks, typically don’t need permission because they solely affect the interior of the building. You might be required to submit designs for the work and information about the tradespeople who will do it as part of the approval procedure, which is not always simple.

Check if Council Approval Is Necessary

Unless you make structural improvements, bathroom renovations often don’t require council approval. Therefore, you might not require a permit if you’re not moving the walls or altering the size of the windows or doors. However, you might need permission if you’re tearing down an existing bathroom to make room for a bigger space. To avoid problems later, it is always best to consult your council before making any plans.

Prepare a Proper Renovation Design and Schedule

A good renovation design and timeline should be prepared with your contractor. This guarantees that you stay within your budget and reach your deadline. You cannot afford to squander time when buying an investment property. So that you can pay your mortgage, strata fees, and council rates without having to take money out of your own pockets, you need renters as quickly as possible. To ensure a smooth transition, consult with your property manager and a seasoned bathroom renovation contractor like New Life Bathrooms well before the end of your current lease.

Set Your Bathroom Renovation Budget

Setting a budget is the right way to address planning a bathroom renovation project. Your objective should be for it to be a profitable investment because it is a significant financial commitment. Many factors affect how much a renovation will cost. Some factors may be the size of the bathroom, its age, condition and the type of materials you choose. Whether major plumbing or structural changes are needed can also be one.

Before you start, decide what you want your renovation to accomplish and how much you will spend to make it happen. Is there room for a bathtub here? Would you want two sinks? Will the bathroom have purely functional finishes, or will it have slightly more upscale ones?

If you are ready to start your bathroom renovation project, whether for your personal home or your rental home, experts from New Life Bathrooms are always ready to make your project come to life. You may check out our completed projects or call us at 0410 490 743 for more enquiries.