Explore Different Bathroom Theme Options for Your New Home

24 February 2022

There are many highly attractive bathroom theme options currently available for your new home. By working with your favourite home builders and designers, you can create your ideal innovative bath theme. Since your bath is a room used by all of the members of your household and by party guests and friends, you want the room interior to be stylish, appealing and comfortable.

Varied Bathroom Theme Choices for Your New Home Bath

Different bathroom theme options for your new home bath include the following stylish choices:

• Seaside Retreat. If you select a seaside retreat theme for your new home bathroom, you can enjoy choosing beachside colours, textures and accessories for your bath design. By combining azure and light-sky blues with seaweed greens, sandy-beige and sunbeam golden hues, you can create a warm, charming room interior. With seashell-pattern wall tiles and a light hardwood floor, you will enjoy a pleasing seaside atmosphere.

• Mountain Lodge. By deciding on a mountain lodge theme for your new home bathroom, you can plan a cool, calm and relaxing environment. With natural wood cabinetry and a rustic wooden vanity and an earth-toned granite countertop, you can create the feeling of a mountain lodge interior. Light forest-green painted walls and deep cocoa-toned stone floor tiling will emphasise the natural outdoors effect.

• Flower Garden. When you choose a flower-garden theme for the bathroom interior in your new home, you will bring the warmth and vitality of the fresh outdoors inside. All of the members of your household will feel this inspiring natural energy when using the bath. With white or neutral walls, porcelain floor tiles and rich yellows, golds, reds and greens in floral wall tiling, you will enjoy the ambience of a real summer garden.

• Industrial Simplicity. If you prefer a more sparsely decorated, industrial-style simplicity for your new home bath, you and your designer can easily create it. By installing a copper-coloured metal basin set in a stainless-steel, slim-lined vanity, you can design a convincing industrial look. With simple copper pendant lamps suspended on rustic piping, charcoal-hued slate floor tiles and roughly plastered and painted walls, your bathroom will have an authentic industrial style.

• Vintage Charm.
For those who favour a bath design with vintage charm, a traditional pedestal sink with ornate chrome or brass tapware can be quite appealing. With light tones in marble flooring and matching wall tiles, your bath will display a look of sedate classic style. You may want to include a deep antique porcelain bathtub with stately lion’s feet along with a vintage toilet design. With fluted smoked glass sconce lighting and pane-glass cabinet doors, your vintage-style interior will be complete.

When you contact our experts at New Life Bathrooms concerning advice and designs for appealing bathroom themes for your new home, you will receive excellent services. Providing services to clients in Southern Highlands, South West Sydney and Sydney’s Upper North Shore areas, our experienced team is well-prepared to offer you highly attractive ideas, designs and installations for your new home bath’s theme. They will ensure that your new bathroom displays the true theme and style of your dreams.