Exploring Bathroom Countertop Options that You Can Choose From

13 September 2021

With so many choices on the consumer market today, selecting your new bathroom countertop material can be somewhat overwhelming. After browsing through interior design websites, home supply marketplaces and local stores, making your decision becomes even more difficult.

However, among the many options for bath countertops, some stand out for their quality, beauty and allure. Today, updated and improved materials for vanity tops and other bathroom counters are competing with stunning natural stone slabs as highly desirable choices.

Attractive Options for New Bathroom Countertops for Your Home Decor

Attractive and practical new countertop choices for your home bathroom decor include the following:

  1. Updated Laminates. Although laminate was previously considered a dreary, dull countertop material, it has now been transformed into an attractive and desirable choice. Composed of multiple layers of plastic bonded to a core of particleboard, this material can be customised easily to suit your specific preferences and needs. This building and renovating material is very reasonably priced. It is also available in a wide array of colour choices and patterns. Laminate is not damaged by water and will not stain.
  2. Contemporary Ceramic or Porcelain Tile. Ceramic and porcelain tiling has long been used for making bathroom countertops. However, today there are myriad new colour combinations, patterns and textures available in these tile selections. Porcelain is known for its durability as well as its simple beauty and style. Porcelain is also an excellent choice for preventing water infiltration and leaks.

Ceramic tiles are quite cost-efficient and are a good choice for DIY bathroom updates or makeovers. Their main drawback is their tendency to crack and chip. However, these tiles are easily replaceable, and most people order extra tiles when planning to install new bath countertops in case replacement tiles are needed later.

Ceramic tiles are available on the consumer market in myriad colours, patterns, textures and shapes. They resist any accumulation of bacteria, which makes them a good choice for bathroom counters due to the room’s high moisture levels.

  1. Natural Stone. Countertops made of the natural stone give your bathroom an elegant, luxurious look and atmosphere. Stone can enhance virtually any style of room decor and offers long-term durability. Popular selections in natural stone for vanity tops and counters include the following options:
  • Marble. This premium building material is both elegant and durable. It is sold in a variety of colour choices and patterns, and it adds beauty and allure to any bath interior. Yet marble slabs must be sealed before being installed for countertops because they are porous, and they require resealing periodically. Marble can also stain when exposed to dark liquids or other substances, although sealing its surfaces helps to prevent serious stains.
  • Granite. As a strong, durable and very attractive choice, granite is quite popular for use as a bathroom countertop material. Once its surfaces are sealed, it offers long-term use and enjoyment as a highly appealing and practical element of bath design and decor. Its unique strands and patterns of colour are appealing, and it has less veining than marble.
  • Slate. This countertop material is available to consumers in stunning dark hues and tones. It is especially attractive in shades of grey and black, providing a highly appealing contrast to the colour white and all the neutral colours. Less porous than marble and granite, slate also offers practical use and easy maintenance.

By contacting our experts at New Life Bathrooms, you will receive excellent advice, bathroom countertop material selections and full installation services. Providing services in Southern Highlands, South West Sydney and Sydney’s Upper North Shore areas, our experienced professionals are well prepared to guide you in selecting the ideal stunning countertop material to greatly enhance all aspects of your bathroom design and decor.