Four Bathroom Flooring Material Options that Work Well with Any Main Bathroom

25 January 2022

Your bathroom flooring material must be both fashionable and functional. When renovating the main bathroom in your home, you want to select new flooring that will maintain its original beauty for long-term use. New floor material for your bath makeover must also resist water and moisture damage or staining. You want a floor that is easy to clean and maintain and that adds pleasing style to your main home bathroom.

Four Attractive Bathroom Flooring Options that Enhance Any Main Bath

Four choices for bathroom flooring that work well with any main bathroom include the following materials:

1. Marble or Granite Tiling. When you select elegant marble or handsome granite floor tiles for your bathroom renovation, you will enhance the entire room decor. These stunning natural stone tiles are equally appealing in a traditional classic-style bathroom and in a contemporary-chic interior. The countless veining and colour variations that are available in these two beautiful stones make it easy to locate the ideal choice for your new bathroom decor.

2. Porcelain Tiles.
Pristine floor tiles made of porcelain can create an attractive and elegant bathroom floor. The vintage-style small hexagonal tiles that have retained their popularity over many years are always in demand. Larger tiles of porcelain are also quite appealing, especially when they are bordered by darker or colourful tiling. Porcelain wears well, and individual tiles can be replaced easily if they are scraped, cracked or chipped.

3. Slate Tiling.Grey or charcoal-hued slate tiles make sleek, sophisticated flooring for modern minimalist or industrial-style baths. Slate is highly water-resistant and sturdy. In addition, it requires very little maintenance during long-term use. Whether you select dark or lighter slate floor tiling, both blend well with many different colour schemes. The surfaces of slate floors always look neat and attractive, even when wet with water after a bath or shower.

4. Hardwood Flooring. Hardwood flooring of stunning Victorian Ash, Jarrah or red oak is also a good choice for your new bathroom floor. When finished and polished, your timber flooring will withstand the moist, humid atmosphere of your main home bathroom after baths and showers. Wooden floors are easy to clean and maintain, and they lend natural beauty and allure to your bath interior.

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