Functional and Safe Bathroom Ideas for the Elderly

26 July 2021

Elderly people can benefit from bathroom features and accessories that are designed specifically for their use. Many of these items can be installed easily for use in home bathrooms as well as in living facilities for seniors. In households that include an elderly member of the family, everyone is familiar with these products that can enable seniors to perform personal care activities on their own without assistance.

Functional and Safe Bathroom Ideas to Aid Elderly Individuals

Practical, helpful and safe bathroom ideas to benefit and aid elderly people today include the following:

• Non-Skid Floor Mats and Rugs. With non-skid rugs, floor mats and bathmats in home bathrooms, seniors of all ages can move around the room without fear of slipping and falling. They can step out of the shower or bathtub onto the rubber-backed bathmat minus the stress and worry of losing their footing.

• Handy Grab Bars. Sturdy plastic or metal grab bars placed on walls around the bathroom give elderly people a feeling of security. When they can hold onto these convenient bars as they enter, exit and move around the room, they lose the fear of falling on the hard marble or tile flooring with resulting injuries.

• Shower Stools and Seats.
Many contemporary shower designs include built-in seats. Seniors can sit comfortably on these seats while showering. This prevents them from slipping on the wet shower floor and possibly falling and incurring injuries. Portable shower stools can also be purchased from medical supply centers in many locales. These stools have rubber or soft plastic covers on their supporting leg feet to prevent slippage while showering.

• Low Wall-Mounted Clothing Hooks. Low wall-mounted hooks for hanging bathrobes and other garments eliminate the need for seniors to stretch on tip-toe to reach normally high-positioned hooks. Low-mounted wall shelves for linens and personal care items are also easier for seniors to access and use.

• Non-Slip Tub Mats. Rubber or plastic non-skid mats for placement in the bathtub are essential to the safety of elderly people using tubs with showers. These safety mats placed securely in the bathtub along with strong grab bars on the walls can reduce the number of senior slips and falls while bathing and showering significantly.

• Toilet Support Bars. Metal support bars or frames near the toilet are necessities for keeping seniors safe in bathrooms. These reliable supports keep them from losing their balance and falling. Floor flush petals or automatic flushing mechanisms are also helpful to elderly people.

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