Guide on Choosing the Perfect Bath for Your New Bathroom

08 March 2023

The cost and labour involved in installing a bath make it a bathroom feature that needs careful consideration. Will it be utilised for relaxation with candles or for the kids to splash around? A bath can be both a luxury and a functional necessity. The ideal bath depends on your lifestyle, available space, and taste. The majority of baths are made of acrylic, but you may also get luxurious baths made of stone, timber, and copper. Even experimentation with colour is done in certain baths.

As bathroom renovation experts, we’ve prepared this brief guide to help you choose the perfect bath for your new bathroom.

Consider an Inset or Drop in Bath

An acrylic inset or drop-in bath is typically constructed into a supporting tiled foundation. Most likely, it’s the bath your parents used when you were a child. Although inset baths may not be as luxurious as freestanding baths, you may achieve the ideal ambience for relaxation with the correct feature wall, taps, and lighting. A small bathroom corner can be designed with an inset bath, making excellent use of the available space. Even the sizes are adjustable to fit people of varying heights. For a contemporary aesthetic, designate a niche to hold the amenities and tile the bath with natural materials like stone or marble. Taps in matte black or tarnished metal offer a contemporary touch.

Combine the Shower and Bath for Convenience and to Save Space

There may not be enough bathroom space in apartment buildings for both a shower and a bath. But resist the urge to forego the bath. For some homebuyers, particularly those with young families, the bathroom may be the determining factor when purchasing a home. These baths have wider, steel-pressed construction for added strength. A bath is typically 750mm wide. However, a bath that is 800mm wider has greater space for standing. Install a frameless glass door instead of a shabby shower curtain. It will not only make the bathroom look bigger but also contemporary.

Achieve Ultimate Luxury with Freestanding Bath

Freestanding baths are the height of luxury. They occupy space and demand time from you. They are available in lighter and more affordable acrylic, stone, and even metals like pressed steel or copper. You can add drama by mounting the tapware from the ground or on an adjacent wall. It’s crucial to leave enough room around the bath for cleaning since if the airflow is obstructed around the base, and mould might grow there. You can find these bathtubs in various sizes and forms, but they all feature gently rounded edges. A bath should have fixtures that match the shape of the bath, so an oval bath should have oval fixtures. The taps should match the shape of your bath if it is rectangular.

Whichever type of bath you pick, it will occupy most of the bathroom’s space. Spend time designing the bathroom space rather than ignoring it and concentrating on the vanity. Natural marble, stone, or terracotta tiles contrast beautifully with a pristine white bathroom with soft edges. Consider encircling the corner with a LED strip for mood lighting. Add some plants, and match the metallic container with the rusted metal fixtures. Whatever type of bath you decide on, make sure it offers you peace and relaxation and fits your lifestyle and available space.

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