Here’s Why You Need a Double Sink Vanity in Your Bathroom

27 September 2022

Consider your morning routine for a moment. Do you frequently have to compete for space at the sink to wash your teeth? Your problem can surface when you need to wash your hands or face.  Whatever the cause of your bathroom issues, a solution is not too far away. You could probably end all of your bathroom problems with a double sink vanity! Here’s why:

It Provides Bigger and Better Space

Installing a double sink will unquestionably be a better use of space than your current vanity if you have extra counter space. This is particularly true if you use a bathroom with other people. You probably share a restroom with at least one other person if you don’t live alone. And even though it’s noble to share, everyone benefits more when each person has their own area in the morning.

It is not necessary to tear down a wall to add more room in this heavily trafficked area. A double sink could be an intelligent decision for your home if you are creating a new bathroom or remodelling an old room.

It Avoids Clashing Routines

Does clashing routines seem like it would occur in your house? In the morning, you go to clean your teeth and discover three other people gathered around the sink. So you grab your toothbrush and go finish getting ready at the kitchen sink. You are not alone if this sounds familiar to you. You need additional space, which is the most frequent justification for choosing a double sink vanity. Sharing a bathroom with another person usually causes this demand for space.

Increase of Personal Space

A double sink is preferable to a single sink for a number of reasons beyond just making your daily routine simpler. The expansion of personal space is another advantage of this choice. Since you’ll have a designated space around your sink, you won’t have to worry about whose tube of toothpaste is yours. You’ll also have additional counter space with a vanity. This can be useful if you use styling products like curling wands or hot irons, which require a level place to rest on.

A family (or group of roommates) can keep their stuff separate by using larger bathroom vanities. They are also ideal if every family member has a time-consuming skincare or haircare regimen.

Provides Additional Storage Space

Lastly, a double vanity probably has a twofold amount of storage. Make sure to account for under-sink storage when planning your design. Ensure that the additional sink won’t reduce the amount of storage you already have.

In a perfect world, you would like to have more storage. This additional room might be created by a larger vanity or even shallower sinks. After all, you wouldn’t want to clog up your new vanity and ultimately regret your choice. You can also make more space in your sink for storage to help you organise a busy shower stall. To make your shower even more enjoyable, place all of your unused shower materials in a tub under your sink.

The specialists at New Life Bathroom can assist you if you’re ready to improve your current sink or switch to a double sink. Call us at (410) 490-743 to schedule a meeting with Robert to discuss your bathroom needs. We will measure the space, come out, and provide you with fantastic ideas for making your bathroom gorgeous and incredibly functional.