How Can a Renovated Bathroom Become an Instant Asset to Your Home?

12 July 2019

While certain house renovations do not add significant value to it, just the opposite holds true when you remodel a bathroom. It ranks second only to kitchens in its influence on a home’s overall value, especially when you decide to sell it. Not only is this room essential for grooming and other personal-care tasks, it also has turned into an oasis from the stress of everyday life today in many homes. You can add thousands of dollars to your home’s asking price when you remodel the bathroom correctly, and typically, you can recoup the money spent on the process if you plan wisely. Below, we explain how a revamped bathroom can become an important asset for your house.

You Increased the Functionality of the Bathroom

When you focus on increasing the functionality of this room, you will definitely turn it into an asset for your home. Adding safety bars, a glass shower door or a double-sink vanity are three examples of making the room to be more useful for your purposes.

All Issues Repaired or Replaced

If you truly want your bathroom to be a significant influence on the value of your house, you must repair or replace anything in the bathroom that is in less than ideal condition. No bathroom renovation is high quality when worn or broken items are left in place.

Updated Bathroom Décor Brings Your Bathroom Into the ‘Now’

Bringing the colour scheme up to date as well as the rest of the décor elements in the bathroom provide the contemporary look that prospective homebuyers are in search of today. Installing a slip-resistant floor in an earthy tone and complementary tiles on the walls around the shower and/or tub are two suggestions to accomplish a décor update.

The Latest of Lighting Technology Illuminates All Areas of the Bathroom Appropriately

Lighting fixtures have come a long way over the years, and if your bathroom ones are not of a current style, you need to install new ones. Provide task lighting for the sink area for grooming, ceiling lights are perfect for navigational illumination and mood lighting around the bathtub will soothe your frayed nerves at the end of the day.

Additional Storage Also Makes the Bathroom an Asset

Increasing the storage in your bathroom is another way to make this room more valuable to your house. Shelving or cubby holes on the walls are two examples of easy ways to add storage for towels and toiletries.

For further ways on how a renovated bathroom can become an asset to your home, consult with New Life Bathrooms. We will help you create the bathroom of your dreams with quality designs, workmanship, materials and products.