How to Achieve a Unique Bohemian Style Bathroom

27 April 2022

Bohemian style interior design and decor are gaining high popularity in all areas of home makeovers today, including the bathroom. Having won high usage in the living room, den, home office and kitchen, this creative and appealing mode of design is now all the rage for bath renovations as well. By choosing to update with a bohemian style bath, you will bring bright, vibrant colours, varied textures and plenty of plants into your home.

Essential Ways to Achieve a Unique and Appealing Boho Style Bathroom

Some helpful advice from experts concerning ways to update your home with a unique, innovative and highly appealing bohemian style bath include the following:

• Use Bright, Vibrant Colours.Boho design and decor typically include bold, dynamic colours. Select the rich, vibrant hues of your choice and enhance them with pleasing textures and patterns in rugs, wall tapestries, shower curtains and window blinds or roller shades.

Try pairing bright yellow-gold, coral-tangerine or springtime green with natural wood finishes and natural fibre baskets and floor mats. Then add some lush green hanging plants and brightly-coloured flowers. Before you know it, you will have created a warm, welcoming beginning to the boho bathroom of your vision.

• Hang Nature-Themed Wallpaper.
Try wallpapering one or more walls of your bath with bold natural prints depicting climbing green vines, large tropical plants or bright floral designs. The bigger the better in terms of the print or design. You can also use bold abstract or geometric patterns if you like. Any of these wallpaper designs will lend a relaxing, creative and casual natural charm to your bohemian style bath update.

• Add Vintage Fashion and Flair.
You can also create an authentic boho effect by incorporating some vintage bath furnishings like a deep claw-foot bathtub. When you add a retro pedestal sink and a thrift shop Art Deco mirror, you can accent the room’s bohemian style and atmosphere. With retro brass or chrome tapware, cabinet hardware and water pipes, you can emphasise the boho charm even more.

• Include Plenty of Plants. By including a variety of natural vines and flowering plants in your bohemian style bathroom, you can add the final appealing touch. Since boho living is about a free lifestyle and all things natural, you simply cannot go wrong by adding a multitude of fresh flora to your updated bath interior.

By contacting our experts at New Life Bathrooms, you can obtain top-rated advice, plans and full renovation services for updating your home bathroom in the boho style. Providing services in Southern Highlands, South West Sydney and Sydney’s Upper North Shore areas, our experienced team is well-prepared to guide you in selecting the ideal bohemian design elements and decor.

Our fine team will ensure that your boho bathroom makeover displays the ultimate casual fashion of your renovating vision and stylistic dreams.