How to Choose an Appealing Bathroom Vanity to Enhance Your Small Bathroom Space

28 March 2022

Small bathrooms are a challenge when it comes to renovation. Often, you only have room for a small vanity, toilet, shower, or tub. In this case, the vanity is the centrepiece, and choosing the right one can transform the space. Here are a few tips for selecting a vanity before your small bathroom update.


  1. How Will It Be Used?

This might seem like an obvious question, but people use their bathroom vanities differently. You need to consider how many people will be using it, and the types of things they will need. For instance, if you will be using it to do your makeup and hair, then you will need more counter space and storage. If you do your makeup and hair elsewhere, then you can get away with a smaller bathroom vanity or pedestal sink. These options can significantly increase the perceived space in your small bathroom.


  1. Consider Scale

If you have a small bathroom, choosing a large vanity will make the space feel cramped. You need to ask yourself if you need that much space in the bathroom. For instance, if you are accustomed to storing bath towels and linens in the vanity, then you might want to choose another location for these items and opt for a smaller vanity.


  1. Watch for Obstacles

Certain obstacles in your bathroom might limit the type and size of vanity that you can choose. For instance, if your door swings inward, you want to prevent it from hitting the vanity. Also, if it is placed too close to the toilet, you can end up bumping into it, which can be annoying. The vanity should also not make navigating your bathroom an obstacle course.


  1. Match Your Sink Style

One tip that will give your bathroom a designer touch is to make sure that you match the style of your vanity with this style of your sink and fixtures. If you stick to one style, it will create a cohesive look and will make the space look larger. Another thing to consider is choosing a vanity that can easily handle the warmth and moisture that come with the bathroom area. Some materials are more suitable than others. The materials chosen will also highlight or detract from the sink style.

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