How to Create a Vintage Look in Your Bathroom Design

26 March 2020

Incorporating a vintage look in the interiors is becoming increasingly popular as more and more homeowners prefer a classic and timeless ambiance in their household. Some people choose to create a vintage look in their bathroom designs. Below are ways you can do so.

Elegant Lighting

Nothing screams vintage more than an over-the-top lighting fixture. A chandelier in a bathroom design might seem extremely excessive to some, but it is commonly installed in a vintage bathroom. A gemstone or jewellery addition will add drama and elegance to the fixture. However, an elegant lighting in a bathroom design doesn’t have to break the bank, since you can utilise fake ones as long as they’re shiny and classy-looking.

Exposed Showerhead and Piping

Although an exposed showerhead and piping may appear industrial to some, it could also give off a vintage look with the right coordination among other bathroom details. For instance, you could incorporate an exposed showerhead and piping as long as you complement it with a brass shower curtain rod and white brick walling. Aside from that, shiny silver, gold, and even bronze fixtures will make your bathroom look like it belongs in the Victorian era. These themes give off the illusion of wealth and royalty. Avoid faucet fixture shapes that are more modern and sharp and go with rounded and long fixtures for that extra regal look.

Wooden Cabinets

Deep, dark, and rich coloured wood for the cabinets and mirror frame will contrast beautifully with your shining plumbing fixtures and really push the vintage and antique look for your bathroom. For extra antique points, get cabinets with some detailing and intricacy in the finish and top it off with unusual and ornamental knobs and handles.

Vintage Tile Designs

There are different tile designs that exude a vintage vibe for your bathroom design. Some of them are subway and hex. Subways, from the name itself, appear similar to the tiles in subway stations. Colours range from dark to light grey or gout for a low-maintenance appeal. Hex, on the other hand, can give an additional detail to your bathroom design. You could also make use of a penny tile since they give a similar appeal either in your flooring or wall detail.

Intricately-Monogrammed Towels or Curtains

Towels and curtains that are designed with calligraphy letters definitely give off a vintage appeal. Intricately-monogrammed towels or curtains can make your bathroom look like a place for a royalty. This is an example of an inexpensive bathroom detail with a priceless finish.

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