Important Things to Consider When Adding Another Bathroom to Your Home

24 August 2021

Adding another bathroom to your home is a major building and renovation project. Although this new addition will be a relatively small space compared to the larger rooms in your home, it may require important preliminary work.

Unless your new bath will be located near an existing bathroom, kitchen or utility room, new water lines and pipes will most likely need to be installed. Concrete flooring may need to be added and covered with attractive marble, granite or porcelain floor tiles. New electrical lines may also be required for adequate lighting in your new bathroom.

Important Aspects to Consider When Adding a New Home Bathroom

When you make plans to construct an additional bathroom for your home, major aspects to consider include the following:

  • Cost of Water and Electric Lines. If constructing your new home bathroom will involve running additional water and electric lines, consider the cost of these tasks. Since they will require the services of plumbers and electricians, be sure to get accurate estimates of the cost involved before the start of your project.
  • Adequate Ventilation. Good ventilation is essential for bathroom interiors. Only with adequate air circulation can you prevent the accumulation of excess moisture on your bathroom walls, floor and fixtures. This build-up of moisture can cause unhealthy mold and mildew to develop on these surfaces in your room.
  • Natural Lighting. As well as ensuring good ventilation, having windows in your bathroom admits healthy natural daylight. Windows that are easy to open and close are especially helpful for letting natural air and light into the room interior. Installing a skylight can also offer a stunning element to your bath decor while opening your bathroom ceiling to beautiful outdoor light.
  • Bathroom Fixtures. Before starting your project to add a new bathroom to your home, ensure that your budget includes enough funds to purchase the new bath fixtures and accessories of your choice. It can be disappointing to have a new bath constructed and then be unable to obtain your favourite bath furnishings.
  • Raised Floor Level. In some homes, adding a new bath where you need it requires raising the bathroom floor level to ensure adequate water pressure. However, this places the threshold of the room a step up from the hallway or room flooring just outside the bath.

If the members of your household are all agile and fit, this raised flooring may not create a problem. However, if you have a toddler, small children or older adults in your home, a raised bathroom floor may result in trips, falls and possible injuries. If you do decide to install a new bath with a raised floor, be sure to include a no-slip strip on the threshold. White strips or ones that have bright colours offer the best safety.

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