Kid-friendly Ensuite Bathroom Ideas

18 November 2021

There are many store, showroom and online displays of the latest ideas and recommendations for master ensuite bathrooms. Yet today’s trends in home design and decor include kids’ ensuite bathrooms as well.

Popular ideas and suggestions for fun and appealing bath interiors for kids that complement the adjoining bedrooms are growing rapidly. They run the gamut from classic traditional designs and images to the most popular children’s superheros, cartoon figures and popular characters.

Popular Kid-Friendly Ensuite Bathroom Ideas for Your Home

High on the popularity charts for today’s kids’ ensuite bathroom design ideas for your home include the following appealing trends:

  • Kids’ Popular Party-Theme Designs. Due to the lasting popularity of movies like Jurassic Park, dinosaurs are high on the list of party-theme favourites for kids. Kids love to wear dinosaur costumes, watch these movies and act out their versions with their friends.

They also like being surrounded by images of these intriguing prehistoric creatures. For this reason, dinosaur-themed wall paintings, wallpaper, shower curtains, toilet seats, soap dishes, pendant lamps, bathmats and towels are high in popularity for kids’ ensuite bathroom design and decor.

  • Superhero-Theme Decor. Popular superheros for kids’ ensuite bath decor range from older superhero themes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Star Wars’ Darth Vadar and Spider-Man to today’s Flash, Kid-Quick, Batwoman and “Supergirl’s” Dreamer.

With new stories, videos and movies emerging constantly from publishers and media companies, there are always opportunities for new and exciting superheroes to appear. Since superheros are viewed as larger-than-life figures, they are ideal characters for bathroom murals and favourite shower curtain and window-shade designs.

  • Cartoon Character Themes. Favourite themes for kids’ ensuite bathrooms today include cartoon characters, both vintage and contemporary. The classic Disney characters, Mickey and Minnie Mouse and Aladdin, are forever popular among children, and they are in continuous use for kids’ ensuite bath design and decor.

The PJ Masks super-power team of Catboy, Owlette and Gekko get high ratings for popularity among kids today, as do Chase, Marshall and Rocky from Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig.

  • Prince and Princess Themes. Sparkling prince and princess themes and characters are in frequent demand for ensuite children’s bathroom designs and decor. This ageless theme has been updated somewhat through the years, but its fascination and appeal among youngsters has remained the same.

Filmy dresses, silk suits and flowing capes are abundant with glitter and glam, while various shapes and designs in bright, shiny crowns and tiaras add more decorative effects.

When you contact our experts at New Life Bathrooms, you will receive excellent ideas and advice for kid-friendly ensuite bathroom design and decor. Providing professional design, building and renovations services throughout Southern Highlands, South West Sydney and Sydney’s Upper North Shore areas, our experienced team is well-prepared to help you create your ideal ensuite children’s bathroom.

Our pros will work closely with you to ensure that your new ensuite bath for the kids completely satisfies and even surpasses the desires, expectations and needs of your entire household, especially the youngsters.