Natured-Inspired Spa Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Large Bathrooms

26 March 2021

Nature-inspired spa bathroom updating ideas work especially well in large size bath interiors. To bring some of the grand beauty and allure of the natural outdoor world into your home’s interior, you need an open, uncluttered space. What better place and plan could there be than to include some nature-inspired features in your current bathroom renovations? Whether your favourite hues and tones tend toward warm, glowing earth colours, cool aquatic blues or vibrant forest greens, your bath interior is the ideal venue for auditioning them all.

Innovative Ideas for Nature-Inspired Spa Bath Renovations for Your Large Bathroom

Some creative and innovative ideas for spa bathroom renovations that are inspired by nature for your large home bathroom include the following:

  • Tropical Shower Garden. Turn your spacious walk-in shower into a gorgeous and refreshing tropical shower garden. With a series of rainforest showerheads installed, you can stroll among lush green vines and beautiful blooming flowers in myriad colours and shades. Lounge on ornately carved stone benches with vinyl-covered cushions in soft floral print. Go wading in a babbling brook or soothe your feet in a luxurious fountain with heated aromatic oils. Relax on a revolving chaise longue wrapped in a fluffy towel beneath soft sunlight drifting through an open skylight window above.
  • Spa Bath with Arch-Top Arbour. Install an elegant and spacious spa bath with a stylish natural wood finish arch-top arbour laden with grapevines and wildflowers. You and your entire household can enjoy luxurious spa baths while feasting on sweet, ripe grapes. Try floating your favourite fragrant flowers in the bath as you relax to nature-inspired music over your state-of-the-art sound system. Better still, open your sliding glass wall leading to the adjoining outdoor terrace garden to enjoy the natural chorus of bird songs from nearby trees.
  • Shimmering Stone Waterfall Wall. If you decide to transform one wall of your bathroom into a shimmering and sparkling stone waterfall wall, you can relax to the calming sound of gently falling water while lounging on a cushioned bench. This is the ideal place for quiet meditation, reading, writing emails on your tablet, simply stretching out and relaxing or grabbing a short, revitalising nap. Even practical tasks like making out your grocery shopping or “things to do” list will be easy in this dreamlike atmosphere. In this nature-inspired environment, even a repetitive or annoying task will be as easy as the next gentle breeze from your terrace garden.

When you consult our creative interior design experts at New Life Bathrooms serving the entire Sydney area and surrounding regions, you will benefit from top-tier advice. Our highly skilled team can provide designs, products and installation services for your innovative new nature-inspired bathroom interior. From major fixtures and furnishings to the smallest accents and decorative items, our team will suggest and supply only the very best. They will ensure that your fashionable and functional bathroom update will include the very best ideas, designs and decor that nature has to offer.