New Bathrooms that Create a Relaxing Ambience

28 April 2023

When designing new bathrooms, creating a relaxing ambience can be achieved through a combination of elements such as lighting, colours, materials, and fixtures.

A new bathroom can be the perfect way to add a new level of comfort and style and make the whole house feel newer and fresher. In this blog post, we will go over some tips on creating a relaxing bathroom with New Life Bathrooms.

Use a Neutral Tile

A neutral tile is a great way to create a relaxing bathroom. You can use different tiles in different areas of the bathroom or stick with one colour for an overall look. The shower and bath area should be light-coloured, whereas the rest of the bathroom can be darker; this will help make it feel more open and spacious. If you want to add some character, try using patterned tiles on your walls!

Change the Taps

Change the taps to a waterfall tap. Installing one yourself is easy if your bathroom doesn’t already have one. Simply replace the existing taps with an attached shower head and hand shower that gives off a gentle water flow instead of just one big stream. This will help create an atmosphere that’s more relaxing than if all you had were two streams of hot or cold water coming out simultaneously.

Add a Statement Mirror

A statement mirror is a great way to make a big impact in your bathroom. You can use it to reflect light into the room to make it look bigger and brighter or to create a focal point for your decorating scheme. If you have the space for it, consider installing two or three different-sized mirrors on one wall – this will ensure there’s no shortage of reflective surfaces!

Hang Pictures on the Wall

Hanging pictures on the wall is a great way to add life and personality to your bathroom. You can choose any picture that makes you happy, but here are some tips for choosing one:

  • When you enter the room, hang it in a prominent place to catch your eye.
  • Choose a picture that isn’t too busy or distracting (this will help keep your mind focused). For example, if there are many people in the photo, they will draw attention away from whatever else is happening (like taking a bath).
  • Don’t hang anything too dark behind your sink because it will make everything look dirty!

Add a Splashback

A splashback is an excellent way of adding colour and personality to your bathroom. Using a bolder colour for your splashback can be a great idea if you have chosen a neutral tile for the walls. This will help create cohesion between the two surfaces and give an interesting focal point in the room. Splashbacks come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s no limit to your design choice. If you want something more subtle, opt for one with simple geometric patterns or lines running through it; alternatively, if you’re looking for something bolder, try using mosaics instead, which will really stand out against any wall colouring scheme.

We hope you’ve found this guide useful, and if you are looking for a bathroom renovation expert to help you make your relaxing bathroom come to life, don’t hesitate to get in touch with New Life Bathrooms. You can also check out some design elements to achieve a spa-vibe bathroom.