Renovate Your Bathroom to Increase your Home Value

05 November 2019

If you are hoping to increase the value of your home in the market, one thing that you have to consider is renovating your bathroom. Bathrooms are an essential facet of a home. Home buyers tend to set a minimum number of bathrooms in mind when checking out potential home purchases. Aside from that, they also have certain standards to look for in a bathroom. Below is a list of popular bathroom renovations that significantly increased the value of a home in the market.

Plumbing Features

It is important to ensure that your bathroom’s plumbing features are intact and functional. Otherwise, this will certainly become a big turnoff for potential buyers. Aside from considering its functionality, you must also take into account its visual and aesthetic appeal. You must make sure that the design of your plumbing features complements the rest of your bathroom’s theme. They must not clash in any aspect whatsoever, and must match in colours and general style.

Bathroom Paint

As mentioned above, colours can influence a great deal of your bathroom’s overall look. Once you finished the repairs of its plumbing features, make sure that you cover up any signs of mildew or water damage. Afterwards, renovate your bathroom with a colour-coordinated look that will surely captivate the buyers, thus increasing your home value.


Renovating your bathroom’s flooring will totally create a new overall appearance. It can dramatically alter the general look of your bathroom without compromising your allotted budget. You can make use of porcelain, ceramic or vinyl to renovate your flooring into whatever design is appropriate while ensuring that it is waterproof and resistant to any type of moisture. If you want an extra flooring feature, you can also install radiant heat mats underneath the tile. These mats will warm the floors so that you can maintain a cosy feeling after a shower. This feature is extremely popular in places with cold weather conditions.


If you still have extra budget for your bathroom after strictly considering the abovementioned basic renovations, then you will be able to upgrade your vanity. This includes not just the faucets and sinks, but also the cabinetry and countertops. In order to assure an increase in your home value, you must opt for a design that is generally desired. For vanities, most home buyers would pick one with an average height so that they will be comfortable in using it. While in terms of countertops, marble and granite are the most popular choice.

Energy Efficient Upgrades

Nothing would work more for potential home buyers than the promise of saving money and energy while saving the environment. You can upgrade your entire bathroom with energy efficient features to increase its market value. For example, you can have flow-restricting instalments in your sink, shower and toilet so that you can limit water usage and consumption. This will impact greatly on saving money on the water bill while consequently conserving water resources for other future purposes.

To ensure that your bathroom renovation will increase your home value, you must consult New Life Bathrooms. We are expert in custom designing bathrooms with utmost consideration to your vision and preferences.