The Most Essential Things When Doing a Master Bathroom Remodel

16 December 2021

A master bathroom remodel requires careful planning and design. Especially if you want to add larger fixtures and furnishings, you and your remodelling team need to ensure that there is adequate space for these additions. If you need larger wall-mounted cabinets and shelving units, careful measurements must be made to ensure that they can fit in the available space.

Most Essential Elements of a Master Bathroom Remodel

The most important elements of performing a master bathroom remodel include the following:

  • Updating the Tub, Shower and Toilet. An essential element when remodelling your master bath is installing a new tub, shower and toilet. These three necessary fixtures are available in myriad styles, shapes and sizes today. If you want a vintage bathroom design, you will need retro styles for your new bathroom fixtures.

Yet if you desire a contemporary-chic bath interior, you will most likely choose from the latest models in sophisticated new tub, shower and toilet designs. You may want a spa-style tub with a pair of overhead rainforest showerheads or a new walk-in shower design.

  • Selecting a Vanity and/or Sink Design. A major remodelling project is deciding whether to install a vanity and basin or conserve space with a slender pedestal sink installation. Modern or retro vanity styles with fashionable sinks are always attractive additions to a master bath.

Yet if you need to install a new sink in an area of the room with limited space, a handsome pedestal sink in a traditional, minimalist or ultra-modern stylistic mode can be ideal.

  • Choosing Floor and Wall Tiles. Selecting your new wall and floor tiling is a basic element of your master bathroom renovation. Whether your choice is marble tiling for your walls and floor or porcelain floor tiling and decorative ceramic wall tiles or panels, remember that lighter colour tones in tiles will enlarge the room visually. If you select dark tiles, your bath interior will appear to be smaller.
  • Selecting Ideal Lighting Fixtures. The new lighting fixtures that you choose for your master bathroom remodel are also essential elements of your updating project. You may decide on attractive tinted glass globe-style pendant lamps, or you may prefer a series of recessed ceiling lights. You may decide to enhance these lighting styles with additional wall-mounted sconce lights as well.
  • Deciding Whether to Install a Skylight. Another major design element to consider when updating your master bath is whether to install a stunning skylight. With the addition of an attractive window to the sky, you can enjoy refreshing daylight and sun throughout the room. Your bath interior will get good ventilation, and you can enjoy soft, energising breezes from your open skylight in mild weather.

When you contact our experts at New Life Bathrooms, you will benefit from excellent information, advice and designs for remodelling your master bathroom. Our experienced team of professionals will guide you in planning all of the essential elements of performing a top-quality bath renovation. Our team will ensure that your new master bathroom design will completely satisfy and even surpass all of your desires, expectations and needs.