Things to Consider When Adding Ensuite Bathrooms for Small Spaces

02 December 2021

You may want to add an ensuite bathroom to your master bedroom, but only have a small space to use. Your master bedroom may be located in an area of your house wherein adding an extension or combining existing small rooms or closets is not possible. If this is your situation, no need to abandon your renovating project in disappointment. With some savvy planning and innovative construction, you can accomplish your goal.

What to Consider When Adding an Ensuite Bathroom in a Small Spac

Essential factors and details that you should consider when adding an ensuite bathroom in a small space include the following:

  • Use Minimal Floor Space. Since your new ensuite bathroom for your home’s master bedroom will be small, plan to use minimal floor space. Install wall-mounted cabinetry and shelving rather than choosing a console vanity and free-standing cupboard. If you select a slim-lined pedestal sink and other streamlined bath fixtures, your new bath will include all of the necessities without seeming crowded.
  • Choose Light Colours. With light colours for wall and floor tiling, your small new bathroom will look and feel larger and more open. Whether your preference is for the current season’s featured tones in soft pastels, neutral shades, cream or white, any of these selections will keep the room from appearing small or spatially cramped. A light-toned colour scheme for your new ensuite bathroom will also create the atmosphere of a larger space as light reflects from the soft, gentle hues.
  • Select Globe-Style Lighting. By choosing globe-style pendant lights for your small ensuite bathroom, you can brighten and enlarge the room’s interior. Choose clear lights rather than tinted so that you can benefit from the full effects of this well-dispersed light. As the evenly distributed light beams strike the surfaces of your soft-toned tiles, the effect will be uplifting as it enlarges your bathroom’s interior space.
  • Keep Decor Simple.In a small bathroom, it is best to keep your elements of design and decor simple. Bath fixtures and furnishings with slender, simple lines and rounded edges can create a more open, usable space than those with ornate design detail and angular edges. Pleasing tile colours without complex designs and patterns will also maintain an open, uncluttered look and sensibility for your attractive new ensuite bath. Simply designed window shades or curtains can also accent this open atmosphere for your appealing bathroom interior.

When you contact our experts at New Life Bathrooms, you will receive excellent information and advice concerning adding ensuite bathrooms in small spaces. Providing services in Southern Highlands, South West Sydney and Sydney’s Upper North Shore areas, our experienced team can guide you in selecting the ideal bath design and decor to greatly enhance and visually enlarge small spaces for your new ensuite bathroom.

Even if the location of your master bedroom in your home does not permit adding an extension to include a larger space, you can still enjoy having an attractive ensuite bath. Our highly qualified team will ensure that your new ensuite bathroom completely satisfies and even surpasses your desires, expectations and needs.