Tips on How to Save Money on Your Next Bathroom Renovation

10 May 2022

You’ve heard that a bathroom remodel is the best remodelling project you can do. A new remodel gives an outdated bathroom a new look and offers you the highest return on investment at the time of resale. But reliable bathroom remodelling contractors are hard to come by, and materials like tile and tile installation are rising by the minute. In fact, experts estimate that a midrange bathroom remodel can cost as much as $25,000.

What Can You Do?

Well, if your bathroom is begging for an update, but you don’t have the money and you aren’t the world’s best handyman, use this wonderful idea. Install laminate wall panels instead of tile in your bathroom remodel. Why? Below we list the reasons why you might consider laminate panels over tile.

The Laminate Panel Is Inexpensive

Laminate panels are not expensive. You can save a substantial amount by using these faux tile panels instead of real tiles. Panels save you money as well as time. It installs quickly, in a matter of a day or two and you save on installation costs and on material costs. The panels simply click and lock into place like laminate flooring.

It Cleans Up Fast

Avoid the mouldy grout problem altogether when you use a low-maintenance high-quality wall panel. All you need to do is wipe it down with a mild cleaning solution and presto you are done.

Easy to Install

Another reason to choose the laminate wall panels is it is easier to install over tile. It provides a safe and high-quality shower, tub, and bathroom wall surround panel that simply clicks and locks in place.


The laminate wall panel is tough. It is manufactured with a durable high-pressure laminate top surface which has a decorative tile look and faux grout. It installs quickly, in a matter of a day or two and you save and unlike tile, it is not expensive. What this means to you is that the panel looks like tile, is as strong as tile but doesn’t have the maintenance of tile.


Laminate panels come in a variety of styles and colours. They can look like marble, stone, tile, or even wood. It is up to you to choose the style you want.

No Mould No Mildew

When you use laminate, you don’t get mould and mildew as you do with grouted tile. There is no mess for installation and cleaning is easy. All you have to do is wipe down the wall after you use the shower. It stays clean and you stay happy.

Bottom Line

Laminate panels are an inexpensive way of giving your bathroom a new updated look. They install faster than tile. They leave little to no mess. They are durable and easy to clean. What more could you want? Laminate panels look so much like tile that no one has to know that you didn’t install expensive tile in the bathroom.