Tips on Selecting the Right Countertops for Your Bathroom Renovation

13 December 2019

Selecting the right countertops for your bathroom renovation is not an easy task. Although it does not require high-durability as much as kitchen countertops, there are still certain things to consider in choosing them. Below are certain tips on selecting the right countertops for your bathroom renovation.

Ensure Maximum Functionality

The bathroom countertop’s function is generally to hold items contrary to the kitchen countertop where you spend most of your food preparation time. The bathroom does not normally require pounding, dicing, slicing, or chopping atop a bathroom countertop. When it comes to functionality in the bathroom, your biggest concern will probably be the size of your countertop. It must provide you with enough space to hold your toiletries while you get ready.

Choose Appropriate Maintenance

You will also want to consider what you will be required to do to maintain your bathroom countertops. Choose between materials that will offer a little extra maintenance or as little maintenance as possible. Remember that certain materials, like granite or marble, need to be resealed every so often. Other materials, like stainless steel or glass, don’t need to be resealed, but it may be difficult to continue to clean fingerprints off their surfaces.

Personalise the Appearance

Your personality can really shine through in your bathroom design options. This space is smaller and the fixtures don’t get quite as abused as they do in the kitchen. Plus, you don’t need as much material in a bathroom as you would need in a kitchen, so your budget may go a bit further here. Because of all this, you can really focus on the fun in choosing the appearance of your bathroom countertops. Go whimsical, funky, eclectic, daring, elegant, and classic depending on whatever you love. It’s easier to do it in this room than anywhere else.

Select Desired Materials

Bathroom countertop materials include granite, manufactured quartz, tile and solid surfaces. Granite boasts of its beauty and durability. Quartz, on the other hand, comes in a huge variety of colours and styles. You can also create unique and beautiful designs with tile, really letting your personality shine through. While solid materials are easy to clean, and gives you plenty of design options. This variety of options enables you to pick the best material in selecting the right countertop for your bathroom renovation.

We at New Life Bathrooms are passionate in delivering the bathroom you prefer. Choose the right countertops from our products, and we will deliver the design your want at the best price. Whether you simply want to update the look or maximise its space, our expertise in bathroom renovations will help you get exactly the results that you’re looking for.