Top Five Reasons Why It’s Good to Add an Outdoor Bathroom for Your Home

25 October 2021

Many homeowners are now appreciating the convenience offered by adding an outdoor bathroom to their homes. If you are considering the addition of an outdoor bath for your home property, your building and design team can advise you about the ideal bath size and style to meet your needs.

Since so many families spend a large amount of time outdoors today, it makes good sense to have an outdoor bath. Especially when you have parties on your outdoor pool deck or dinners on your terrace near the outdoor grill, having a nearby bathroom is a welcome convenience.

Top Five Reasons for Adding an Outdoor Bathroom to Your Home Property

Five leading reasons for deciding to add an outdoor bathroom to your home property include the following:

  • Convenient to Your Outdoor Terrace. Building and installing an outdoor bathroom adjoining your outside covered terrace can be a practical convenience. Whenever you are enjoying tall, refreshing drinks and refreshments with friends, neighbours or family members, the bath is easily accessible.

No one needs to go indoors to access the bathroom. This is especially helpful during wet weather since it can prevent your home’s indoor floors and carpets from collecting wet or muddy footprints.

  • Nearby Your Volleyball or Tennis Courts. If you have volleyball or tennis courts on your home property, having a nearby bathroom can be helpful. Family members, neighbours and guests can use this outdoor bath and only miss a few minutes of the game or match. With a bathroom near your outdoor sports area, you can also store extra towels for use by the players.
  • Near the Children’s Play Area. Installing a bathroom near your children’s outdoor play area can be a great convenience. The youngsters will never need to leave their friends and games or toys to visit a bathroom indoors. Having a bath nearby their play space is also convenient for washing small hands and faces after they enjoy ice cream, chocolates, cool drinks and other treats during playtime.
  • Near Your Swimming Pool and Deck. Including a bathroom with dressing rooms near your swimming pool and surrounding deck is a great advantage whenever you have pool parties. Whether you are having a birthday party for your 10-year-old, a Saturday night get-together for the teenagers or casual swimming and dinner gathering for the adults in the neighbourhood, having a nearby bathroom is a welcome convenience.
  • Convenient to Your Outdoor Entertainment Room. If your home has an outdoor entertainment room with an adjoining kitchen and grill area, it is practical to add an outdoor bath as well. Everyone will enjoy your cocktail and dinner parties under the stars more when there is no need to leave the delicious food, drink and good fun to visit an indoor bathroom.

By consulting our experts at New Life Bathrooms, you can receive excellent advice, designs, building and installation services for your new outdoor bathroom. Our experienced professional team provides services in Southern Highlands, South West Sydney and Sydney’s Upper North Shore areas. Our building and renovating pros will guide you in selecting the ideal style and location for your outdoor bath to greatly enhance your home property and daily lifestyle.