Types of Wall Panelling to Consider for Your Bathroom Renovation Project

28 March 2023

When choosing a look and feel for their bathroom space, a home or business owner may find wall panelling one of the toughest decisions. We can work with the customer to design a space that complements their home or place of business since New Life Bathrooms has a dependable supplier that can offer various solutions to suit a wide range of tastes. Before making a final choice, below are various types of wall panelling to consider for your bathroom renovation project.

Spa panel

Spa panel is a different tile substitute made for residential and commercial use and may be utilised in various places, including bathrooms, kitchens, and changing areas. Spa panels feature a stylish laminate on the surface that leaves an impression on guests and include a hardwood waterproof plywood core. Its affordability compared to more conventional initiatives and simplicity of installation make it the product of choice for DIY enthusiasts.

Wet Wall Panels

Any room will be transformed into a lovely refuge by the elegant appearance of wet wall panels. With the main distinction being that this wet area panelling is 100% waterproof, these waterproof panels can be laid floor to ceiling or modified to meet any project. They are fitted utilising a tongue and groove technique similar to click flooring. These panels are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, pool areas, and many more uses because they were created specifically for locations with a lot of water exposure.

Compact Laminate Panels

Similar to laminate flooring, these panels are fitted using a tongue and groove method, with the main distinction being that the panelling is entirely waterproof. Since we are dealing with another grout-free choice, maintenance and upkeep is minimal. Laminate panels are a more affordable alternative to tile for any build or renovation project. This material might not be the most appealing alternative due to its simple form and limited colour palette. But laminate panels can be a suitable option for individuals wishing to make a small improvement to an existing space or to increase the utility of new construction.


Acrylic shower walls employ adhesive to attach to the surrounding area of your shower. Acrylic is a durable plastic material that can fit over existing materials. This affordable option can be a wonderful substitute for tile because it requires little upkeep and is made of lightweight material, which makes it perfect for do-it-yourself applications. Those trying to save money on repairs may find a product that is resistant to cracks, dents, and the growth of mould and mildew to be an appealing alternative. Compared to the other options described, this option, which is typically utilised in domestic applications, offers a humble upgrade.


Quartz stone shower walls are the perfect option for individuals wishing to update their shower or bathroom for a more luxurious appeal because they feature a modern design and a sleek, minimalist finish. The non-porous surface of quartz slabs prevents mould and mildew from growing since there is nowhere for the bacteria to settle. Quartz is durable and can be challenging to break or chip. This stone is a flexible option because it comes in various colours and styles, giving you the appearance and feel of other materials while maintaining the physical properties the stone has to offer.

Now that you already know what type of wall panel you wish to incorporate into your upcoming bathroom renovation project, our bathroom renovation experts at New Life Bathrooms will be more than happy to assist you and achieve a beautiful and highly functional bathroom makeover. Call us today at 0410 490 743 and let our experts handle the job for you.