Vintage Bathroom Renovation Ideas: A Blast from the Past

28 February 2024

Step back in time with our vintage bathroom renovation ideas at New Life Bathrooms. Explore a timeless makeover in South West Sydney. Call 0410 490 743.

If you’re looking to add some charm and personality to your bathroom, going with a vintage or retro style renovation is a bonzer way to go. Vintage bathrooms take inspiration from past eras, like the 1920s to 1960s, and can make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. From cool retro colour schemes to classic tiles and fixtures, plenty of ripper vintage design elements will give your bathroom a nostalgic vibe. In this post, we’ll look at some vintage bathroom renovation ideas that will have you saying ‘beaut!’ Let’s take a trip down memory lane with the top vintage bathroom trends.

Top Vintage Bathroom Renovation Ideas

•  Vintage Colour Schemes – Colours are one of the easiest ways to create a retro look. Opt for pastel hues like baby blue, soft pink, minty green or sunny yellow on the walls for an old-school vibe. To really go vintage, look for colourful tile patterns or wallpaper in floral prints or geometric shapes. Mid-century pink and teal is another ’50s trend that’s making a comeback. You can also go for a black and white palette with graphic prints for an Art Deco or 1940s Hollywood glam look.

•  Retro Fixtures and Hardware – The right fixtures and hardware can really nail the vintage aesthetic. Look for circular sinks, ornate mirrors, porcelain pedestal basins and clawfoot tubs for instant old-world charm. When it comes to taps and handles, brass is where it’s at. Go full retro with crosshead taps, or get faceted crystal handles for a touch of elegance. Don’t forget the details like vintage-style toilet roll holders, towel racks and robe hooks in brass, chrome or crystal.

•  Classic Tile Patterns – Vintage geometric, floral and novelty tile designs are everywhere at the moment. Black and white checkerboard floors scream 1950s diner style. For walls, penny round tiles, zig zag patterns, or pink and mint diamonds channels, mid-century modern. Or get decorative with fish scales, fleurs-de-lis, poodles, and flamingo novelty prints. There are heaps of reissued tile ranges to get an authentic retro look without the restoration drama.

•  Vintage Lighting OptionsGood lighting can create a cool vintage vibe. Pendant lights over a clawfoot tub or vanity mirror add old-time charm. Go for curved globes, fabric drum shades or naked filament bulbs. Sconces and wall lamps with crystal accents also say vintage glam. Make sure you get energy-saving LED globe options to keep running costs down.

•  Clawfoot Tubs and Pedestal Sinks – No vintage bathroom is complete without a statement clawfoot tub. Sitting on ornate feet, an enamelled cast iron or acrylic clawfoot tub is the ultimate retro showpiece. Pair it with a wall-mounted tap and exposed pipes for a true Victorian look. Under-sink storage can be tricky, so a pedestal basin is a smart vintage option. Go for porcelain or ceramic in a round or oval shape. They’re stylish, practical and easy to install.

Create a Timeless Vintage Vibe with New Life Bathrooms

If you love the vintage trend but want an updated, fuss-free reno, chat with the New Life Bathrooms team. We offer heaps of quality products to create a gorgeous vintage look, like clawfoot tubs, cool taps, retro basins and all the trimmings. Our expert designers will work with you to create a beautiful, practical bathroom with a hint of yesteryear charm.