Ways to Create a Zen Bathroom

12 August 2020

It is ideal to have a bathroom where you can concentrate on calming and meditative components that feels like a tranquil oasis. As we are plagued with a pandemic, with the general public protesting about being exhausted, stressed and anxious, we need all the relaxation we could get to take our mind off the negativity.

It is not a bad thing to be on a mission to enjoy and pamper ourselves. In any case, what are the chances that we could carve out a cut of time – either at the start of a bustling day or at the end of an exhausting one – to have the place to ourselves, in the most personal room in the home?

Lucky for you, with the assistance of astute plan, clever arrangements and hand-picked materials, once-humble bathrooms are fast turning out to be havens of guilty pleasure where the psyche resets and needs move to us again. Below are the ways to create a Zen bathroom for your home.

The Calming Sound Of Quietness

We probably won’t realize it, yet the ubiquitous clamour and noise contamination – be it from our smartphones, angry traffic on the roads or the 24-hour moving news – curses every step of our way to crave for peace.

We should make sure that our bathroom, at the very least, is free from external noise. The walls must be thick enough to accommodate only the noises coming from within. This is ideal especially when you are sharing your home with other people. And as a bonus, you will truly encapsulate the relaxation and Zen you deserve within the confines of your home.

Sheer Fragrances

For a few, it is just when they have lit their favourite and rarely utilised candle that they feel ready to enter a state of harmonious relaxation. For other people, it is important to be encircled by fragrances that associate with certain recollections or seasons.

Yet, regardless of whether it is that unforgettable spa-like aroma of dampness with an adoring eucalyptus or notes of lavender and fig –  consuming off a hard-working wick, there is no denying that fragrance – and its ability to help draw us into a Zen-like state – is a crucial component in creating the ideal sanctuary.

Back To Nature

Traditionally, bathrooms were the place one would discover uncovered water pipes, shower curtains and commotion bobbing harsh ceramic tiles. Presently, stone, wood, glass and metal wear the pants, handsomely juxtaposed, for example, with slate sourced straightforwardly from Brazil – furnishing us not just with an attractive place in which to invest energy yet one that also stimulates our faculties.