Ways to Save on Bathroom Renovation

06 March 2020

The most common complaint about remodelling is how difficult it is to stay on budget. With so many decisions, it’s hard not to spend more than you want. You will find yourself thinking about things that will allow you to cut spending on bathroom renovation by utilising your creative mind and getting smart with how you approach your design. Below are ways to save on bathroom renovation.

Retain Plumbing Details

A bathroom renovation designed around the plumbing is less difficult and less expensive. Try to center your design around keeping your sink, toilet, and shower in the same place so you can avoid moving your pipes which involves more cutting into walls and more logistics.

Mirror Framing

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to make your bathroom look amazing is to put a great looking frame around a cost effective mirror instead of buying an expensive hanging mirror. This also helps your mirror age more gracefully since the edges are covered.

Toilet Seat Upgrade

Instead of buying a whole new toilet, consider the inexpensive option of replacing only the seat, lid, and handle. If the porcelain on your current toilet is still holding up, a makeover may be a better option than a full upgrade.

Bargain Shopping

If you have the patience and talent of bargain shopping, try yard sales, vintage and antique stores, for the items you want for your new bathroom.

Open Shelving

Rather than buying all new shelving for your bathroom renovation, consider the idea of using open shelving. Where closed storage can start to get expensive, open shelves are cheaper because there’s less material needed. You can also easily build your own open shelves because it can be as simple as you want. Open shelves are a great excuse to make sure your towels and bathroom accessories match your decor since you’ll be showcasing them.

Bohemian or Minimalist Design

The brilliant thing about choosing a bohemian (boho) style for your bathroom is that boho doesn’t have any rules. Cheap fabric tapestries, mismatched textures, colours, and patterns; cluttered or minimal, everything works. The boho style is also cost effective because it plays up the distressed, antique, and vintage look. You can easily shop cheap and distress the items yourself with sandpaper or a chisel, or you can hit up a Saturday morning yard sale and get some great pieces.

Your next bathroom remodel doesn’t have to be expensive. Be open to saving money, cutting some corners and getting creative. Consider these tips while getting your design and budget ready and you’ll end up with the bathroom you want at the price you’re willing to pay.

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