Calm and Comfortable Bathroom Design Trends for 2021

25 February 2021

Design trends in bathroom design for 2021 include some highly appealing calm and comfortable decor and accessories. This season favours and features these two major qualities because they are necessary to today’s global lifestyles.

Since most people are spending the majority of their time at home these days, comfortable room designs, furniture and accessories are a must. In addition, since both work and schooling is accomplished through virtual classrooms and communications, calm surroundings are also of utmost value.

Featured Calm and Comfortable Bathroom Design Trends for 2021

As the professional designers and installers at New Life Bathrooms, the bath renovation experts serving Sydney and all surrounding areas can tell you, 2021 bathroom interiors offer innovative designs. These contemporary trends in bath decor are customised to meet the specific preferences and needs of each individual household.

Calm and comfortable highlights in bathroom design and decor trends for this year include the following styles and innovations:

• Colour Schemes Involving Multiple Hues.
Consumers and designers are favouring more colourful bathroom design and decor in 2021. Since a great many daytime and nightly hours are currently spent at home, both children and adults like more colour and energetic style for bath interiors. Rather than monochromatic bathroom interiors of past seasons, this year’s design trends encourage the use of two or three major hues in colour schemes for bathrooms.

These colours and shades may be deep and vibrant or bright and dramatic. They may also be gentle tones that radiate a sense of quiet serenity. Yet the trick is to balance colour usage throughout the room so that even bright, vivid tones introduce an overall feeling or calmness, comfort and well-being.

• Curved Surfaces that Enlarge Space. By using bathroom fixtures and decor that display gently curving shapes, you can open up your bath’s interior spaces. When you make the room seem larger, is gains a greater sense of calmness. Design styles of bathrooms this year also ban any inclusion of clutter or excess accessories. Every furnishing and item of decor has at least one specific purpose, and some have multiple uses to conserve otherwise wasted space.

• Slender Bathtubs and Pedestal Sinks.
This year’s bath decor often includes slender, streamlined bathtub and shower stall designs. Although these major elements of bathroom furnishings offer plenty of space for comfortable use, their shapes are sleek, offering pleasing clean and smooth visual lines. Toilet designs are also streamlined, and large console vanities have given way to pedestal style sinks. These sinks may be vintage, modern classic or contemporary-chic in style, yet they open up space beneath the sink while offering attractive slender designs.

• Large Wall and Floor Tiles. Using larger wall and floor tiling this year makes even small bathrooms seem spacious with more floor space. Although this is a visual effect, it can give your bath a much more open, relaxing atmosphere. Small decorative tile insets, artwork and accessories can brighten the room with warmth and casual style.

• Mirrors and Sconce Lighting. Mirrors of all sizes and shapes as well as clusters of mirrors are also in popular use for bath decor this season. Sconce lights are also big, and they come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, including global, cylindrical, oblong and rectangular.