Double Vanities for Bathrooms: Reasons that Make These a Good Choice

09 December 2019

Bathroom vanities offer more function besides being an interior decor. They can be used as a place to get ready in the morning as well as a storage container for all your bathroom essentials. Vanities are one major thing to consider when installing or renovating a bathroom due to its many advantage and benefits in one’s home. Since they offer so much function and value, making your bathroom vanity double can do more good than trouble. Below are the reasons that make double vanities for bathrooms a good choice.

Dual Use

There are certain homes with only one working bathroom. In times like such, homeowners often maximise the space by allowing two people to use the bathroom at the same time. Double vanities enable dual use of the bathroom for homes with limited spaces. Waiting for your turn in the bathroom is no longer necessary since you can get ready at any given time with double vanities.

Storage Space

Having a double vanity for your bathroom provides more storage space. You will be able to put tons of stuff in the vanity, from bottles to towels to various toiletries. If you currently have bottles all over the counter, overflowing the space and spilling everywhere, a double vanity can be the perfect solution


As mentioned above, having two vanities for your bathroom can also save you a lot of time. If you only have one bathroom, or you have two but you have a big family where one is always occupied, having a double vanity means you don’t have to wait for one family member to finish getting ready before you can get in there and shave, brush your teeth or do whatever you have to do to prepare for the day.


No matter how much you love your spouse or roommate, sharing a small amount of sink and storage space can be trying. Someone always feels like they’re coming up short. With a double vanity in your bathroom, everyone has all the room they need. As a result, everybody is happy. No more fighting over counter space or sink time — it’s a level of harmony that’s worth almost any price.


Double vanities for bathrooms contain characteristics that put together extra space and a feeling of lavishness inside your bathroom. Taking for granted that your bathroom is big enough, you ought to think about acquiring double bathroom vanities that are going to make the whole room appear additionally lavish and grander.

Your bathroom may be one of the smallest spaces in your home, but it is often one of the most important and greatest assets. We at New Life Bathrooms are here to improve your bathroom spaces. Whether you simply want to update the look or maximise its space, our expertise in bathroom renovations will help you get exactly the results that you’re looking for.