Practical Bathroom Cabinet Ideas for Your New Sydney Home

10 October 2022

In the morning, when everyone is racing to get ready for work or school at the same time, the bathroom becomes one of the busiest rooms in the house. Therefore, it makes sense that function and practicality are equally vital to style and finishes when designing your bathroom cabinets.

It’s sometimes easier said than done to create the ideal bathroom cabinet that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Still, with a bit of planning and an expert builder like New Life Bathrooms on your side, it’s simpler than you can ever imagine.

Here are some practical bathroom cabinet ideas that you consider for your new Sydney home.

Skillfully Design Your Bathroom Storage

Just as in any other room of the house, storage is crucial in the bathroom. Consider all the items you will need to store in your bathroom cabinets, from toilet paper and cleaning supplies to shower gels and shampoos. Everything will have a place and won’t need to be kept on top of the cabinet if functional storage is thoughtfully planned.

Another wonderful suggestion for your bathroom cabinets with drawers is to create permanent dividers inside the drawers or acquire drawer inserts to divide up the space to house all the smaller items you may want to store, such as your jewellery, nail polish, and even make-up.

Wall-Mounted or Floating Cabinets

A wall-mounted cabinet, often known as a “floating” cabinet, is a terrific way to open up limited space. A room will appear larger if you have more floor space. Keep in mind that your drainage pipe should run into the wall instead of down to the floor when using this form of cabinet. You can still have a floating cabinet if the drainage pipe goes into the floor and cannot be modified; you just need to box the pipe and build a pedestal underneath the cabinet.

Symmetrical Cabinet Designs

Symmetry is a clever interior design technique that works well for both large and tiny bathroom ideas. Symmetrical cabinet designs create harmony within your bathroom space, and it frequently begins with the main point, such as the cabinet in a powder room or the bathroom cupboards. It contributes to the design strategy by giving a space a sense of comfort and rhythm.

Create Your Sanctuary with Timber

Look to the beauty of natural wood to design a warm and pleasant spa-like space. The desire to build a sanctuary at home has led to the bathroom’s transformation into a personal haven that supports mental wellness. As a result, bathroom cabinet designs are moving away from being clinical. Due to its natural beauty and ability to evoke the tranquil elegance of a spa, timber is currently the material of choice. There are several ways to incorporate timber into your design, from straightforward cabinets to custom built-ins.

Building a beautiful cabinet is simple. Making a cabinet that endures for a long time? That’s the difficult part, especially if you want it to look amazing without sacrificing its purpose. Here’s where we come in.

The sky is the limit when it comes to bathroom renovations at New Life Bathrooms, where we can provide you with our modern bathroom cabinets and other renovation ideas that are worth your investment. We will build a better bathroom storage cabinet specifically for you that is high-quality, reasonably priced, beautiful and functional according to your preferences. Contact us for enquiries.