Seven Signs that Tell You Need a Bathroom Renovation

22 November 2019

Dissatisfaction usually merits change and the same applies to your home features. Your home should be your sanctuary and quite frankly, if you think your home doesn’t function the way it’s supposed to, then maybe you ought to make some renovations. Bathrooms are often the recipient of these changes. Since they are one of the more frequently used facilities by homeowners, they are bound to incur more damages as compared to the rest of the house. However, you must also ensure that the renovation is truly needed in order to avoid unnecessary expenses. Luckily, below are seven signs that tell you that you need a bathroom renovation.


Bathroom damages, if left neglected, can negatively affect your entire home. You have to act on it fast before it could lead to worst conditions. Some of the more common bathroom damages are bathroom leaks. Also, if you often smell an overwhelming mildew scent, you should not resort to just repainting. That strategy only covers an underlying problem that you have yet to solve since you opted for a more convenient resolution.

Also if you notice moulds or anything that resembles dirt that cannot be removed, then it is a sign that you need to replace that specific part. You should not think twice about it. Inspect your bathroom and look for rusting and lime scales that need sorting. If you really want these technical features to be properly managed, consider modernising your fixtures. Also, make sure that your bathroom is properly ventilated.


If your bathroom necessities may not be able to fit in their respective storage, then it is clearly a sign to renovate your bathroom. Bathroom storage solutions are readily available so you can be able to incorporate stacking containers and have your bathroom tidied up.


If you feel cramped while getting ready or if you are lacking the space you need in the bathroom, then renovation should be on the works sooner. The bathroom is the feature of the house that accommodates you if you need to get ready for school or work. It must function as such without inconvenience to the homeowners.


If availing bathroom storage solutions still do not cut it, and you are still stumbling over countertops or squeezing your way inside then it is about time to reconsider your bathroom layout. You should restructure your bathroom in such a way that you can optimize the available space while expanding the dimensions of the room. You can also renovate it by repositioning certain pieces and structures to make way for more room in your bathroom.


Proper lighting is necessary in every room even in your bathroom. It should not too bright or too dim in order for it to create a comfortable and peaceful ambiance. If problems like that arose, then you need a bathroom renovation. The most apt solution in order to upgrade your lighting would be to install a dimmer switch so that you can arrange the level of brightness to your liking.


If you no longer like the design of your bathroom then you should opt for a new look. Bathroom renovations are totally reasonable if you want to improve the aesthetic appeal of your facilities.


Bathroom renovations can significantly increase the value of your home. So if you are planning to resell your property, chances are bathroom renovation might guarantee a good selling price for your house.

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