Why Should You Consider Renovating your Bathroom Before Reselling Your Home?

28 August 2020

Although the marketplace forces an aesthetically-appealing factor in home resale, it is indeed worth assessing whether or not making improvements to your house can add to the price. One common home feature that they tend to consider renovating is the bathroom.

When consumers tour houses on the market, they may be taking a close look at the bathrooms. For some, the sheer wide variety of bathrooms in a home is crucial—they must have a master, a family bathroom and a bathroom for visitors. So, you are probably thinking about adding every other restroom to your own home before selling time to persuade future buyers.

Of course, you may want your prospective home buyers to like your bathroom. However, you should not do so at the expense of your own needs and preferences. In renovating your bathroom, you should still consider the fixtures and features that would make you comfortable. You should also maintain its uniqueness as fitted to your lifestyle and personality.

With all that being said, you must know why you should still consider renovating your bathroom before reselling your home.

Renovating Your Bathroom Increases Value

When listing your property on the market, you want to receive the highest price possible. This factor may fall outside your domain, but there are several ways you can prepare your property to increase the value of your home, increasing the sale price. One of these preparation methods is to renovate your bathroom.

Since bathrooms can either make or break a house, you should carefully consider such a home feature. Most buyers are looking for something modern, practical and spacious. While potential buyers will probably be looking for a consistent theme throughout the house, the bathroom could be the exception. While some may be chasing a rustic or vintage themed home, it is a universal fact that no one wants an old, run-down bathroom.

Homeowners normally prefer types of bathroom renovations that pull in the highest returns. This allows them to prioritize the important aspects to renovate. Below are some of them.

New Plumbing Fixtures – If old fixtures could make a room look vintage, new fixtures can make an entire space look more modern and inviting. This is good news for home renovators, since swapping out things like faucets and showerheads don’t have to be super expensive at the outset.

Vanity Upgrades – And if you’ve got a bit more to spend, try renovating the entire vanity, which includes not just faucets but also cabinetry and sinks. Ensure that the materials will have more appeal to buyers. For instance, marble and granite are usually top picks for countertops, while tile and laminate can look a bit too retro.