Get Your Bathroom Colour Selection Right with New Life Bathrooms Professionals

13 December 2022

You don’t need us to tell you that colours may bring out the finest in your interior spaces. However, while working with our interior designers to choose the best building materials for your upcoming remodelling project, it helps to discuss colour schemes and matching. Many of our clients choose to create bathrooms that are well-lit and take advantage of as much natural light as possible. It is because toilets are designed to hide their occupants from view; it makes sense that there would be a trade-off between having some privacy and allowing for as much natural light as possible.

The colour choice of your building materials and fixtures is just one of the numerous methods we can use to get past this problem. Nevertheless, our skilled bathroom remodelers at New Life Bathrooms are renowned for helping our clients find one or two solutions around such a trade-off. Finding the correct inspiration, which may easily come from any source of influence, usually makes it possible to identify colour trends. There are several ways our interior designers can help you find the perfect inspiration to make your bathroom colour pick exactly right, whether it has to do with your current environment or external influences like where your house is located.

Utilise the Current Characteristics

Suppose you are currently working on a remodelling project. In that case, it can be helpful to think about any existing characteristics of your house that might offer a practical colour scheme to go with your freshly renovated bathroom. How will the new tile or porcelain fitting’s colour complement your home’s existing ceiling or floors? Can you use a small amount of timber or hardwood panelling in your remodelling project to give it a more natural feel?

Determine the Themes That Are Evident in the Fixtures and Furniture

Have you already decided on the style of your new fixtures and furniture? You might be motivated to line your new cabinets and cupboards with art deco frames. If you’ve already decided on that area, it could be helpful to consider how your tile choice can blend with these other elements in your bathroom to produce a more cohesive overall concept. Our interior designers are always delighted to assist you in mixing and matching.

Is a Focal Feature Necessary for Your Bathroom?

If there is no problem with natural lighting, your bathroom can benefit from a focal point in the shape of a decorative feature wall. Our team is more than delighted to suggest ornamental tile solutions that you may utilise for a feature wall space, whether through additional fittings or other means. It’s possible that this will improve your bathroom areas more than any additional source of natural light can, depending on how these set the tone for your colour scheme.

There are a million and one things you could easily start thinking about for your next bathroom remodelling project, but there are only a handful of people whose names you can rely on to complete the work just as you intended. Don’t worry if you have questions about colour schemes for your bathroom; our professionals at New Life Bathrooms will be happy to help. And, if you also need some bathroom renovation ideas on how to make the most of small spaces, you can learn more here.

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